Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Damit Grant...

What the Fuck. I'm not dead. Ughhh, I'll explain. The bros and I all got drunk again and Grant got the bright idea to call my dad and say I was dead. Police reports were filed, people were questioned, and above all...I got pissed off. Apperently I told him my password when I was drunk. What the fuck. My life is not bro right now, but again...IM NOT DEAD.

What the Fuck Grant


  1. You should prank that guy good.

  2. Oh man, I hate when my friends do that. I'm dead every weekend now evidentally, good to see you're alive though.

  3. Oh man, Grant is such a joker! Woo!

    He needs to have his hand put in a bowl of warm water whilst he sleeps. Or his guts put in a plastic bag and hung from trees. What a joker.

  4. Oh thank GOD!!! I was so worried!

    But mommy never told me it was a prank.....