Sunday, December 26, 2010

Not Posting for Awhile

I'm gonna take a break from posting. least until Jan 5th at the latest. I just don't want to post anything this week cause I'll be parting all week and don't want to post anything when I'm plastered. Anyway see all you bros in the new year!

Friday, December 24, 2010

I hate Christmas

It's not even Christmas Eve night and I can't take my family anymore. I gotta do something epic fast or I might have to go mutilate a cow or something to vent some anger out. I'll let all you guys and gals know what's going on in a day or so. Also...Kite, I might just take your advice and send my bro on a wild goose chase come the day of the concert.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Concerts and Awesomeness

Today I just bought tickets for 3 different concerts. I first got tickets for Paramore and Senses Fail in Feb/March and then got my ticket for A Day to Remember in March. This would normally constitute a party with the bros and more beer pong, but I have just one problem. My mom is making me take my bro, Splendorman, to one of them. She said that he is always asking her, " come me and Slender never hang out?" Ahhh fuck, I don't want to take him. He'll get destroyed in a pit at Senses Fail or try and play board games or some shit with people at ADTR.

                              This is basically me and my brother

Monday, December 20, 2010

In the Woods.

Ok...for the past 6 HOURS I've been chasing my one bro, Jay, in the woods cause he forgot his wallet at my place last night. Well, he didn't really forget it. We kinda all got plastered and when he passed out the bros and I put the number of this really ugly chick in his wallet with a picture of this really hot chick, just to mess with him. I finaly caught up to him in this drainage pipe in the middle of the woods a few minutes ago and tried to give him his wallet. He just looked at me and freaked out. Ah well...I'll give it to him later.

Chris this morning waking up.

Can't Talk

I'll post later tonight. Can't talk right now.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Damit bro.

I got a call from my bro, literally, at 2:30 in the morning. I guess he doesn't know what being hung over is like, I guess because he's only drunk on life, but he calls me all excited to ask me the dumbest question. He wants to know if I want to see the sun rise with him. WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT? I just hung up on him as soon as I heard him say, "but slender...please I just wanna watc.." mom's gonna yell at me while dad just sits on the couch and watches football. She always yells at me saying things like, "Slender! WHY is there a bloody garbage bag on my new floor tile" or, "can't you stalk someone without bringing mud into this household?"  He's always happy, I just don't get it. This is basically what all of our pictures together look like:

Made by the ever so awesome bra...Agent-Sarah

It's gonna be a long christmas vacation. Fuck....My....Life.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here's the Story...

Thought I'd clear the air up on what went down a week or so ago that lead to me acquiring all these dam horses. It all started when I went over Alex's house around  9:30pm or so. I kept knocking on the door yelling, "BRO!....You wanna go get trashed with us tonight?" He didn't answer, so I peaked in through the window and saw him sitting in the dark by the stairs filming the front door I was at. I looked in through the window in the door and he freaked out. I figured he was just tired and really confused, as usual as of late, so I got back in the car and we when off to go have a bro'ish time. The next thing I remember is driving around a field in the dark blasting music ranging from Flogging Molly up to Miss May I's cover of Run This Town. After running through the woods laughing at the thought of finding campers to scare, we got back in the car and went back to Alex's to see one last time if he wanted to go with us one last time. I then remember walking in his bedroom only to find him sleeping with a video camera. I went downstairs, hopped in the car, and drove off...again. With Rise Against blasting, we ended up at my my bros' business, where he sells candy and chips or some dumb shit, and dropped him off cause he said he wanted to sleep. Hence this is where we left him with that Clidesdale, even though I don't know how we got it in the car, let alone where we got it from. Next thing I know I'm cussing at the wind because someone got Yeager on my tie in the middle of a fucking airport. After that all I can remember is somehow getting back to my tree house and blacking out. What a night...hope it happens again sometime soon.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another dam video?

I was cleaning up my bros' apartment when I got a phone call from a restricted number. I answered it and it was a recording saying that I should go to my front door. Then it hung up. Well...I went back home and I found a blank cd with a big black X written on it along with the word Problem. I put it in and this is what it showed.

I let a horse go in a guys' yard? Fuckin awesome.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Whooo! Found a Picture!

Alright...I feel like I'm on an epic treasure hunt, but I have found a picture from a few days ago. We somehow got a mini horse that looks like a Clidesdale from a Budwiser commercial. We ended up getting it into my bros' buisness and we locked it in between the front door and the main area of the store. After that we took Grant, my neighbor who was blacked out due to the 5 keg stands he did, and put him in there with the horse. Here's the pic. I'll keep looking for more.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted in a few days. I've been trying to drink my troubles away with the bros, but it hasn't been working. I'll post the full story on what happened a few nights ago once I find the pictures that were taken that night.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Ughhh... to hungover to post now. Some wierd shit went down, but I'll post later tonight.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cards? I was trying to post that card for you guys last night, but everytime I tried to post it this guy kept taking it down. I pm'ed him and basically said, "Bro...what the hell's your problem? I'm trying to let people be able to see my familys' christmas pic and you keep being an ass by deleting it." Well he sent me a pm back within the hour and replied," 000SEES000ME00," with his user name being ArK. I was confused and just said fuck it. I signed off so I could go watch kids play at the park for awhile, there as a nice young boy playing on the slide by the way, and soon I returned to post it once again. When I logged in this video was in my inbox.

What the fuck is this? This guy is like some psychopathic stalker or something. I wanna say that's me infront of my dads' house last weekend when we put up the christmas lights. I don't know. Maybe getting hammered again with the bros tonight will help me forget about this.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Portraits

I HATE FAMILY PORTRAITS! For some reason my mother wants to go get our family christmas card portrait done on the 1st Fucking Day Of DECEMBER! Ok...let me calm down a bit and I'll tell you what happened. Ugh...ok...I was talking a shower in my bathroom, park forest aid stop near my tree, when my mom called and said we needed to go to the mall to get our christmas card photo done right away. After 5 minutes or so of yelling, along with some vulgar words being exchanged, I put on my suit and got my red killing...I mean christmas tie, and spidermanned my way over to the mall. When I got there my mom and dad were in the PF Changs in the food court, while my brother Splenderman was watching little kids through a window while they played in the ball pit at Chuck E' Cheeses. From there we went to some no name photo shop to get our card done. As soon as we walked in the chick at the counter freaked out and was about to run away. In doing so she sealed her fate. My dad knocked her out and then just set her down on the floor. Seeing this, the other chick there was in shock and said she'd do our picture free of charge. Three long hours later we had our picture. It would have been shorter, but everytime she took the would come out blurred and foggy. Well that and my fuckin retared brother sneezed twice. Now my mother has her precious card and once again, I hate christmas. Although it is fun standing in the woods Christmas night and messing with little kids heads who think that they've been naughty this year.

P.S. I'll post the christmas card soon. I would do it now, but I have some "business" to take care of.