Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sundays "Event"

Yes...I did get to go to the Super Bowl, for 30 minutes.  By the time we were heading into the stadium for the game, all of us were trashed from 2 days of tail gating. Right after kickoff Grant got the bright idea, "hey guys...lets get on tv!" Alex suggested that we take our shirts off and yell, so we did. Grant took it waaaaay to literally. He started taking off every bit of clothing he had. Soon I was laughing and Grant was running naked down the isle toward the field. Security got him right as he hit the wall going down to the teams and threw him and Alex, Jay, and me out right after that. I was more pissed they threw away my half empty case of Natty I brought with me then us getting throw out. Afterwards we just ran around town bar hoppin. It was a pretty chill day. Still on our way to Tampa right now.

Grants the Shirtless guy in the back. This is him being a total bro a few Steeler games ago.

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  1. Pffft, pretty wank. I've had a shit night too tbh...