Friday, February 4, 2011

The Week of Epic has BEGUN!

I just boarded my flight to Dallas for the SUPERBOWL! I'm a lifelong Steeler fan, but also have liked the Packers since my youth. It's a tough one, but I'm callin it 24-21 Steelers win. So far the line has been drawn...on the plane is Grant, Jay, Alex, Tim, and myself. All of us but Tim and Alex are Steelers fans. Tim's a Green Bay Cheesehead, and for some reason Alex Likes the St. Louis Rams(don't ask why he's just dumb.) Anyway...on my way to Dallas and the Week of Epic!


  1. I think it was mean of you to leave your daughter, Cynthia, and Splendy, your sweet, kind brother at home.

    Now he's going to hang out with his friend, the Rake. Who's better than you, you drunken loudmouth.

    I hope you're happy. -Liam.

  2. Dude maybe to get him out of your hair for a while you should take him to the zoo or something when you're not partying or anything. That should keep him happy for a while.

  3. Hey Slender! Have fun watching the packers win!

  4. Is your heart broken? Did you see the packers destroy you?