Thursday, December 16, 2010

Damit bro.

I got a call from my bro, literally, at 2:30 in the morning. I guess he doesn't know what being hung over is like, I guess because he's only drunk on life, but he calls me all excited to ask me the dumbest question. He wants to know if I want to see the sun rise with him. WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT? I just hung up on him as soon as I heard him say, "but slender...please I just wanna watc.." mom's gonna yell at me while dad just sits on the couch and watches football. She always yells at me saying things like, "Slender! WHY is there a bloody garbage bag on my new floor tile" or, "can't you stalk someone without bringing mud into this household?"  He's always happy, I just don't get it. This is basically what all of our pictures together look like:

Made by the ever so awesome bra...Agent-Sarah

It's gonna be a long christmas vacation. Fuck....My....Life.


  1. We all have problems with our families, Mr Slender. All we can do is take solace in that we have a family. If we didn't, who would we torture in our free time?

  2. You should have asked me if you can post this up since I drew the two of you guys a while ago but seeing you were pissed drunk, you have forgot about that.

    You have my permission for this and give me the credit as return for this entry.