Monday, December 20, 2010

In the Woods.

Ok...for the past 6 HOURS I've been chasing my one bro, Jay, in the woods cause he forgot his wallet at my place last night. Well, he didn't really forget it. We kinda all got plastered and when he passed out the bros and I put the number of this really ugly chick in his wallet with a picture of this really hot chick, just to mess with him. I finaly caught up to him in this drainage pipe in the middle of the woods a few minutes ago and tried to give him his wallet. He just looked at me and freaked out. Ah well...I'll give it to him later.

Chris this morning waking up.


  1. At least we now know what happen at the new video entry Jay posted up!

  2. I know why he's scared, Slenderbro, he's scared of you discovering he's secretly a cop. he's tailin you for the horse.