Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here's the Story...

Thought I'd clear the air up on what went down a week or so ago that lead to me acquiring all these dam horses. It all started when I went over Alex's house around  9:30pm or so. I kept knocking on the door yelling, "BRO!....You wanna go get trashed with us tonight?" He didn't answer, so I peaked in through the window and saw him sitting in the dark by the stairs filming the front door I was at. I looked in through the window in the door and he freaked out. I figured he was just tired and really confused, as usual as of late, so I got back in the car and we when off to go have a bro'ish time. The next thing I remember is driving around a field in the dark blasting music ranging from Flogging Molly up to Miss May I's cover of Run This Town. After running through the woods laughing at the thought of finding campers to scare, we got back in the car and went back to Alex's to see one last time if he wanted to go with us one last time. I then remember walking in his bedroom only to find him sleeping with a video camera. I went downstairs, hopped in the car, and drove off...again. With Rise Against blasting, we ended up at my my bros' business, where he sells candy and chips or some dumb shit, and dropped him off cause he said he wanted to sleep. Hence this is where we left him with that Clidesdale, even though I don't know how we got it in the car, let alone where we got it from. Next thing I know I'm cussing at the wind because someone got Yeager on my tie in the middle of a fucking airport. After that all I can remember is somehow getting back to my tree house and blacking out. What a night...hope it happens again sometime soon.

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  1. Shame alex isn't down to party dude! Maybe he's doing a sleep study, and he knows he blacks out after drinking!