Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cards? I was trying to post that card for you guys last night, but everytime I tried to post it this guy kept taking it down. I pm'ed him and basically said, "Bro...what the hell's your problem? I'm trying to let people be able to see my familys' christmas pic and you keep being an ass by deleting it." Well he sent me a pm back within the hour and replied," 000SEES000ME00," with his user name being ArK. I was confused and just said fuck it. I signed off so I could go watch kids play at the park for awhile, there as a nice young boy playing on the slide by the way, and soon I returned to post it once again. When I logged in this video was in my inbox.

What the fuck is this? This guy is like some psychopathic stalker or something. I wanna say that's me infront of my dads' house last weekend when we put up the christmas lights. I don't know. Maybe getting hammered again with the bros tonight will help me forget about this.

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  1. That's pretty freaky, man. D: Watch your back out there. I sure hope you don't have a mysterious stalker spouting cryptic messages and creepy videos. That would suck.