Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Concerts and Awesomeness

Today I just bought tickets for 3 different concerts. I first got tickets for Paramore and Senses Fail in Feb/March and then got my ticket for A Day to Remember in March. This would normally constitute a party with the bros and more beer pong, but I have just one problem. My mom is making me take my bro, Splendorman, to one of them. She said that he is always asking her, " come me and Slender never hang out?" Ahhh fuck, I don't want to take him. He'll get destroyed in a pit at Senses Fail or try and play board games or some shit with people at ADTR.

                              This is basically me and my brother

1 comment:

  1. That sucks bro. my brother is like that too. "KIIIITE, WHY DID YOU KICK ME UT OF YOUR XBOX PARTY, I'M TELLING" Anyway, just send him on boring and fake searches, and enjoy Senses, dude.